Flatirons™ Release Notes

Release notes for Flatirons™ can be found under the System/Changelog tab in the software. They are also published here for convenience.

Current Releases

Cleaned up database dependency code

Fixed major reciever sort creation bug

Added option to set database values using three point plane definition
Potential memory leak fixed in SEGY import
Added option to toggle unlocked processes in the picker window

Added option to remove geometry error analysis from delay time sequence
Added a number of minor bug fixes and speed issues to ASCII import tools

Added option to remove geometry error analysis from delay time sequence.
Added a number of minor bug fixes and speed issues to ASCII import tools.

Fixed polygon interpolation in VNS window.
Added polygon extrapolation in VNS window.

Fixed a number of issues relating to very small grid sizes.
Fixed file copy code, can now handle any size file.
Added binary trace table backup code, much faster than CSV backup.

New import decimation option attempts to ensure similar fold for all recievers.
Select output pick name in the Pick Nearest Time picker.
Simple and fast dialog to add/subtract pick times.

Additional FlexLM upgrades
Modified SEGY import to allow trace filtering based on reciever sensor number
Minor bug fixes

New uphole survey framework
Modified Trace Mixer to work with any group/sort
Added new trend export format

Updated FlexLM licensing code
Create a clone of the current VNS model
Import the delay time velocity model into a VNS model
Import the uphole survey model into a VNS model
Smooth the VNS model
Display delay time refractors on VNS profiles
New way of constraining tomography inversion

Significant improvement in VNS tomography algorithm: better, higher resolution velocity fields

Moveout trend display: export trends to CSV file

Added scrolling and zoom in/out hot keys in picker window
Added scroll/zoom horizontally using the mouse wheel in picker window
Color scales: Easy to share color scale ranges via global range

Tomo VNS update extrapolation speed issue fixed

Added 2D FFT filter to aid manual picking of very noisy data
Removed SQLite dependencies

Added option to save predicted travel times during VNS tomo update

Added Gridded Velocity Analysis
Added tools to simplify Phoenix connectivity

Added manual limits to Delay Time Velocity Analysis
Added brute stack process to help pick noisy data

Added ability to use shot gathers for branch assignment and moveout trends
Added additional options for amplitude onset picker
Added some VTI options to TomoVNS (constant delta/epsilon)

Delay time update now correctly ignores killed shots/receivers
Version used to create project is now logged in ProjectDescription.xml
Added hotkeys to linear moveout trend windows – use ‘a’ to add a point and ‘f’ to finish assigning trend
Removed Elevation from spatial smoothing dialog – added separate elevation smoothing option
Lowered minimum precomputed pick gather spacing and radius to 1
Lowered minimum offset bin size to 1
Fixed ProjectID numbering bug when merging merged projects
Fixed branch assignment CSV import/export
Added option to force traces to zero mean before stacking – to deal with biased traces

* TomoVNS and Eikonal models now save automatically after each iteration *
Added an option to select interpolated LMO trend as user-defined trend at any given location
Added screencapture button to LMO trend windows – must paste into drawing program after clicking button
Creating a TomoVNS or Eikonal model using the interactive model builder now correctly selects the new model in the respective tomo window
Expanded the allowed range of some plot display options
Pick copy dialog now provides a confirmation popup after successfully copying picks
Fixed a bug causing incorrect gather display when importing the trace table from a csv backup
Lowered the minimum refractor velocity smoothing radius in advanced delay time options
Added a pick import/export option using separate Shot/Receiver Line/Point (4 column)
Lowered minimum max/min offset difference in TomoVNS to 10 ft/m
Statics and tomo datum columns no longer appear in merge – this was causing a lot of clutter in merged projects
Eikonal/TomoVNS profiles now appear as white on minimap
Recently added VNS velocity limits are no longer on by default – added a toggle switch that is off by default

Fixed a bug in the prior release which resulted in ControlPointAdd not working in the stack picker
Added a custom combined Line/Point pick import
Added intermediate and final datum columns to Eikonal when using velocity as intermediate datum

Fixed display bug in TomoVNS mouseover text
Fixed a bug related to picking hidden traces not in selected branch
Re-enabled receiver sort and bin sort
Fixed a bug related to marine VNS model creation
Fixes to shallow tomo velocity modeling
* Fixed a major project merge bug *
Added rubber band polarity flip functionality
Fixed a marine import bug where Receiver PointDepth was not being imported

* Major Java-related performance fix for large surveys *
* Enabled project tracecounts greater than 2.1 billion *
* Allowed delay time and TomoVNS to run with more than 2.1 billion traces *
* Added ability to import velocity SEG-Y into existing TomoVNS model *
Fixed a bug related to using fixed velocity for intermediate datums in TomoVNS
Added a reversed rainbow color scale default
TomoVNS now stores initial parameters in history

Older Releases

View older releases

Added optional dynamic range compression to delay time update – see advanced options
Enabled use of a velocity as intermediate datum for TomoVNS
Added optional minimum forced velocity increase to TomoVNS update
Added option to highlight selected intermediate datum

Fixed a bug related to opening projects in the prior release
Fixed a pick copy bug
Fixed a bug in the stack picker causing picks < 0 to not be killed
Changed TomoVNS and Eikonal3D code to handle memory errors on large surveys
Allow polygon limits for GLI pick file export
Added Velocity at Constant Elevation option to TomoVNS model Map View
Fixed a critical TomoVNS model bug in 18.05.08 release – this release replaces that one

* Significant upgrade to TomoVNS interpolator *
* Added support for uphole surveys *
* Added ability to add SEG-Y files to existing projects (does not work with marine decimation yet) *
Fixed/improved several other interpolators
Added a picker hotkey to display trace header info
Fixed some state-related database bugs
Fixed a bug where ensemble workers did not reload properly
Some changes to project handling logic

Fixed issues in TomoVNS interpolator

Added mouseover text data display to tomo profiles
Added polygon pick kill option to delay time pick histogram
Added greyscale option for profile QC stacks

Fixed bug in shot/receiver stack picker inline/crossline grouping

Allow grouping by inline/crossline in shot/receiver stack picker
Added some zoom locking options

Fixed major autopicker bug
Fixed marine import

Fixed a bug introduced in prior release that prevented receiver gathers from loading

Added ability to define custom node spacing for VNS
Fixed a bug related to merging projects
Lowered some minimum allowed values for spacing and sample interval

Fixed a small bug preventing certain projects from being built in compressed mode

Added a few things to tomo SEG-Y output
Improvements made to VNS wavefront propagation
Added some tomo profile options
Added support for Paradigm 17

Added change to SEG-Y viewer
Added CDP header to output tomo velocity SEG-Y files
Added receiver display on mouse move to main Basemap
Added Close functionality to SEG-Y/Dictionary Editor
Added ability to display details of VNS model
Fixed a bug in both eikonal and VNS tomography related to float/double accuracy
Fixed a bug in both eikonal and VNS tomography related to threading
Cleaned up some menu items

Added ability to kill picks outside time window in autopickers
Fixed issue with Paradigm-15.5 connectivity
Minor changes to VNS tomography

Added support for Paradigm 15.5
Trace table now properly stores picks as floats
Various minor bug fixes
Minor changes to VNS tomography
Significantly lowered minimum location separation limit in Tomo interactive model builder

Decreased minimum allowed tomo node spacing to 1 ft/m
Fixed a bug that caused tomo to not ignore killed picks
Fixed a localization bug related to decimal separators in slider

Fixed a localization bug related to decimal separators on import
Small bug fixes to tomography

Water velocity in Tomo interactive model now set properly
Various small bug fixes in Tomo
Velocity smoothing change

Added option to display predicted picks for both Tomo and DT
Allows user to set Epos username for Echos functions

Small bug fixes to tomography
Increased max number of samples for SEG-Y output
Fixed a bug related to Echos import

Added export picks using FFID/Receiver PointNumber
Numerous bug fixes

Fixed a bug related to Echos spreadsheet import

Can now use uphole survey to constrain VNS velocity model
Additional fixes to grid smoothing
Fixed a bug releated to grid smoothing at very large radii
TomoVNS add TOMOVNS_MAXDEPTH column to shot/rec tables when max depth viewed
Exception logs now save the version number
Now saves list of original SEG-Y files used to create project
Basemap display now shows average value for selected column
Added Echos integration

Fixed a bug related to tracking in the threshold auto picker

TomoVNS update – added ability to turn off smoothing (set to zero)
TomoVNS – added ability to create model using interactive model builder
TomoVNS – Travel times through water layer now computed for display purposes

Added ability to lock shallow velocity during TomoVNS update
Added extra options for pick export

Fixed a critical stacking bug

Fixed a bug related to Tomography stacks not being displayed

Significant TomoVNS fix
Added option to limit shot/receiver stacks to polygon
Removed requirement that data be shot sorted when autopicking

Significant improvements made to all tomo methods
Checking for duplicates in shot/rec table causes Duplicate flag to be set

VNS tomography algorithm updated, bugs fixed
Removed an unused licensing function that could potentially cause issues with checkout

Shot/receiver delay time stacks now honor killed traces
VNS tomo update optimized

Can now define grid using three corners
Option to export Eikonal tomo model using project grid
Added trace data value display to SEGY view dialog
Added checks for valid SHOTID
Temporarily disabled refraction database backup for files that are too large

Added automatic backup of refraction database whenever project is opened
Added option to manually back up refraction database – second option under Database menu
Added line color display when viewing receivers
Basemap window – grid interpolation can now use shots and/or receivers
Recompute total fold for shots and receivers (under Picking menu)

Fixed bug model profile display window
SEG-Y and dictionary editor is now a stand-alone window
Added option display delay time model results as a grid
Added reload all plots button in MultMap
Added AGC option to put output sample at bottom of time window

Fixed minor geometry database display bug

Fixed major error handling bug related to logging of application exceptions

Fixed possible bug in pick copy dialog
Added option to control velocity variation limits in delay time analysis
Minor bug fixes

Added new tomography algorithm – node spacing varies on Z axis
Improved code that creates shot/receiver stacks
Modified delay time anisotropy code
Added column filter option during project import
Added offset limits for killing picks
Added option to control anisotropic delay time grid size
Added option to control max allowed delay time anisotropy
Fixed bug when using hot key to copy auto picks to user picks
Added creation options to tomo history
Minor fix to boundary conditions for receivers in tomography
Raised trace display limits in Shot/Receiver stacks

Fixed UNC Paths on windows for accessing data files across a mapped network drive.
Changed Versioning numbers to: YEAR.MONTH.DAY

Can now define polygon while zooming/unzooming
Many changes to tomography, including:
Ability to create new model by smoothing current model
Ability to create new model by specifying new node spacings and depth
Initialize tomo velocity field using delay time model

Fixed bug related to project name entry in previous release

Tomography can now handle much larger surveys (even larger than before)
Added option to immediately unkill shots or receivers in Stack Picker

Added code to import DT info from other projects

Bug fixes from previous two removed releases

Tomography test code changes
Projects now have .xtref extension

Massive changes to tomography code – beta

Significant improvements to tomo statics computation options

Added KillPicksUsingDelayTimeSolution hot key – works with geometry correction display in upper-left picker window
Fixed a bug related to profiles
Added an ‘Exit Flatirons’ option to the ‘Project’ menu

Added axis locking icons to several map displays
Added ability to create stacks for all profiles, versions, and statics fields automatically
Added histogram displays to column difference window, basemap, and delay time model window
Fixed some bugs in the Shot/Receiver stack picker

Added approximate node hit count to tomography analysis
Tomography node hit counts may be displayed in profile and map views
Tomography node hit counts may be exported to SEG-Y

Pick color in Shot/Receiver stacks can now be changed
Users now have some control over font sizes – look under the Windows menu
A new tomography update algorithm has been added. It can handle far larger surveys but is ~15% slower

Can now set license server location using environment variables

Picks persist in the Shot/Receiver stack picker
Automated restack capability Shot/Receiver stack picker
Fixed a bug related to ‘ControlPointAdd’ in Shot/Receiver stack picker
Fixed internal bugs

Fixed some internal bugs

Fixed a bug in the interactive model builder

Minor bug fixes

Removed calendar event that terminates program after December 27

Added ability to import SPS files and populate SEG-Y headers

‘Show shots/receivers’ bug fixed in Multimap
Can now interpolate to grid in Basemap
Pen mode option added to picker
Added model-building with user-defined LVL data

Added a ‘no event’ option to the ‘Shift user picks’ tool in the picker

Fixed a bug that was causing output tomo velocities to be truncated

Shared trace table code tweaks
Added DTA_BadPickCount output to delay time analysis
Worked on statics computation code

Updated the tomography code
Customizable double click interval

Fixed trace table indexing bug on very large surveys
Added ability to extrapolate outside smoothed polygon

New display added to compare different project data (Database –> Compare other project…)
Processing sequence my be displayed on either side of picker window
Optional pick time shift added to tomo analysis

Multiple basemap display
Tomography statics computation – compute intermediate datum at velocity
Segy export – killed traces/shots/receivers marked as TraceCode 2

Export tomography velocity model to SEGY file’
Modified picking to honor zoom viewport’

Project names may contain \’-\’ and \’_\’
Uphole information may be used to constrain tomographic velocities
Single-trace polarity flip hot key fixed

ASCII export from trace table added
User-selectable refractor velocity smoothing radius

Users may now select the minimum valid fold for delay time analysis
Picker navigation display – up to three columns may be used for filtering
Batch trace kill option bug fixed

Added new picker window to display multiple offset gathers
Fixed bug in the tomo display code
Application now saves list of open tabs when closed; ‘Load saved tabs’ option added.

Fixed minor issue with SQL string construction

All SQL query strings saved

Added predicted error vectors to the picker basemap display
User can select to update branch during geom correction

Fixed shot polarity bug in shot/receiver stack window
Fixed yet another issue with importing picks

Linear moveout trend using traces dialog has significant imporovements
Added worker which can remove traces based on floating point header values
Project units may be changed

Added option to open SEG-Y viewer/dictionary editor to application ‘Project’ menu.
Closing SEG-Y viewer/dictionary editor no longer exits program.

Gray scale trace plotting in picker window
Importing FBP_USER bug fixed

Added ability to smooth within polygon

Numerous bug fixes/updates

Beta version of 3D tomography – single cpu version
Can now drag receivers in picker basemap window
Hot key to kill current shot/receiver

Can plot branch locations on basemap
Fixed bug which reset anisotropy data
Added input data processing flow, used to tie dynamite/vibe surveys
Added Flag column to shot/receiver table. Flags may be set in shot/receiver stack window
Added new delay time model profile window, found under Delaytime menu
Added fold plots to basemap

Pick window spider plot modified, kill and select options added

Some branch assignment options saved, unzoom irritant fixed

Added rubber band trace kill
Added batch process to kill traces with DC bias

Modified project merge logic to enamble line/point/ffid increments

Option to import multiple projects simultaneously
Option to open project without having to shut program down first (BETA!!!!)
Database display aimed at 2D surveys (beta)

New delay time shift options in branch window
Added FFID/Channel pick IO

Added bulk time shift to statics wizard
Fixed bug in color scale
Fixed bug in 2D tomography
Lots of changes to the segy import wizard
Modified the column math dialog
Modified shot/receiver database windows
Sort the shot/receiver tables by clicking on a column header
Fixed bug in 2D tomography
Added percent complete and ETA to progress bars

Added option to color trace background by receiver linenumber
Beta version of multi shot pick window.

Added rubberband picking modes
Fixed bug in prior pick logic that prevented picks from being deleted

Confirm that app has read/write permissions in safe way
Fixed off-by-one Fold count
Fixed severe issue with very low fold receivers

Can now drag shots from within picker basemap window
Pick version colors and sizes shared between windows
Pick event selection now shared between windows
Descending sort order option in picker window navigation tab
New hot key – pick event nearest cursor time
Most hot keys are now active when the cursor is over the basemap

New inline/crossline offset pick window
Option to compute V0 from uphole information

2D tomography – beta version
Delay time errors now updated when new picks made

Re-worked the theshold autopicker logic
Grid definition now done automatically
Dragger dialog now works with receivers
Application can now be extended with user code…details to follow

ScreenCapture menu no longer visible when making screencapture

Added kill buttons to tabs

Traces may be displayed using wiggles in the stack comparison window
Group navigation skips empty groups
Fixed bug in picker causing multiple refeshes
Modified the threshold auto picker, perhaps for the better
Numerous minor bug fixes and enhancements

Modified the layout of several windows to make the program usable on small laptop screens
New hot key option added – AddSinglePickNoSnap. Does not snap to nearest event
Added restrictions to limit the number of columns which may be added to the trace table
Numerous minor bug fixes and enhancements

Added shot/receiver pick counter – look under Picking ==> Compute shot/receiver pick count
Bug fixed in prior pick logic – picks naw saved in database

Added duplicate entry analysis to shot and receiver tables
Added ability to select hidden shots and receivers in the picker window

Added hot keys to copy auto picks to user picks
DATUM_FINAL now set to correct value when computing statics
Some parameters saved in the model building window
Fixed import bug – handles column names with spaces or special characters
Fixed trace mixer bug – handles killed traces
Improved prior-pick logic

Added option to recreate trace table indices – used for recovery
Fixed table editing bug – database values may be directly edited in table now

Fixed bug in Apply Delay Time Shifts module

QC stack issue fixed(?)
Trend curve definition handles improper user input
Semblance computation improved

Option to save screen captures as jpeg
Bug fixed in profile QC stacks

Added SEG-Y viewing to the new SEG-Y import wizard
Added an option to limit the number of traces scanned in the new SEG-Y import wizard
Cleaned up the new profile-based offset picker window

Fixed a bug in the threshold autopicker
Added fold to the shot/receiver tables (set on import)
Picker window – select on any unique column (not just ID)

New picker window, picks offset plane gathers generated from 2D profiles (Beta!)
Zero-mean option when applying linear moveout – surprisingly useful!
Added optional database restrictions in the pick copy dialog
Fixed problem killing picks in moveout trend dialog

Branch assignment dialog modified extensively
Bug in SP1 import fixed
Reworking profile manager code….

Shot/receiver stack window now has splitter-resize arrows.
Added scroll bars to delay time model window
Fixed issue with polygon usage in model building window
Modify model dialog defaults to editing column you are currently viewing in the map
Movement vectors only drawn if shot/receiver moved
Sorting by trace azimuth in the picker window fixed
User selected shot/receiver symbols in model window
Fixed receiver ID / shot ID confusion on geometry update

Shot/receiver stack window now has user-defined navigation order.
After killing a shot (or receiver) the picker moves to the next shot (or receiver) in the navigation order
Wiggle display options added to shot/receiver stacks display
Added DC Bias measure to Noise level worker
The new SEG-Y project import wizard is a work in progress
Must always use an intermediate datum

Sparse CMP gathers may be used to pick stacking velocities (much faster for large 3D surveys)
AzimuthMoved now computed, in addition to DistanceMoved
Bug in statics computation fixed
Must always use an intermediate datum

ASCII column-delimited import (Database ==> Import ==> Open ASCII import window) WORK IN PROGRESS!!
Added boolean trace selection worker (used in batch-only mode for now)

Added change log
Added scroll bars in main basemap display
Branch interpolation method option – inverse square or inverse fourth

Use sparse CMP gathers in pick window
Geometry error spider plot in pick window
Added new hot keys